Judith Prochaska, PhD, MPH

Adjunct Professor


Adjunct Professor of Medicine, UCSF
Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford Prevention Research Center, Stanford University
University of California, San Francisco
Phone: (415) 476-7695
E-mail: JProchaska@ucsf.edu

Judith (Jodi) Prochaska, Ph.D., M.P.H. is an Associate Professor in Residence in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry. Her research focuses on developing effective treatments for tobacco dependence and other leading health risk factors with a specific focus on populations with co-occurring disorders. Current studies include: (1) an NIMH-funded R01 comparing brief versus extended tobacco cessation interventions initiated in inpatient psychiatry;

(2) a NIDA-funded clinical trial evaluating a multiple risk behavior change intervention with veterans in addictions treatment; (3) a NIDA-funded R34 to evaluate use of Twitter for building social support networks for relapse prevention with smoking cessation; and (4)

TRDRP and FAMRI-funded projects to develop and evaluate tobacco cessation curricula for psychiatry residency and cardiology fellowship training programs. The smoking cessation interventions are comprehensive combining motivational and cognitive behavioral approaches with pharmacotherapy. Dr. Prochaska currently mentors two postdoctoral fellows in the NIDA Postdoctoral Traineeship in Drug Abuse Treatment and Services Research.  In 2007, Dr. Prochaska received the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) Jarvik-Russell Young Investigator Award and in 2010 was named the NIDA Division of Clinical Neuroscience & Behavioral Research Outstanding Early Career Investigator Award.

Selected Publications

Prochaska JJ (2011) Smoking and mental illness: Breaking the link. NEJM, 365, 196-198.

Prochaska, J.J., Pechmann, C., Kim, R., & Leonhardt, J.M. (2011, in press). Twitter=Quitter? An analysis of Twitter quit smoking social networks. Tobacco Control.

Prochaska JJ, Nigg CR, Spring B, Velicer WF, & Prochaska JO (2010)  The benefits and challenges of multiple health behavior change in research and in practice.  Preventive Medicine, 50, 26-29.

Prochaska JJ, Fromont SC, Leek D, Hudmon K, Louie AK, Jacobs MH & Hall SM (2008). Evaluation of an evidence-based tobacco treatment curriculum for psychiatry residency training programs. Academic Psychiatry, 32, 484-492.

Prochaska JJ, Hall SM, & Bero L (2008). Tobacco use among individuals with schizophrenia: what role has the tobacco industry played?Schizophrenia Bulletin, 34, 555-567.

Prochaska JJ, Hall SM, Tsoh J, Eisendrath S, Rossi JS, Redding CA, Rosen AB, Meisner M,

Humfleet G, Gorecki J (2008). Treating tobacco dependence in clinically depressed smokers: Effect of smoking cessation on mental health functioning. American Journal of Public Health, 98, 446-448.

Evaluation of Tobacco Treatment Strategies for Inpatient Psychiatry

Using a three group additive design, this randomized clinical trial is evaluating tobacco cessation treat¬ments of varying intensities initiated in the acute psychiatric inpatient setting to determine if more extended and intensive clinician-delivered treatment can outperform our current best practices

Jodi Prochaska, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Dissemination of the Rx for Change in Psychiatry Curriculum

This dissemination research study is evaluating statewide adoption, implementation, and maintenance of our evidence-based tobacco cessation curriculum in psychiatry residency and graduate psychiatric nursing programs across the western US. 

Jodi Prochaska, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Twitter Enabled Mobile Messaging for Smoking Relapse Prevention

This UCSF study is subaward of the UCI project, which will assess the viability of twitter enabled messaging on mobile phones for smoking relapse prevention.  

Jodi Prochaska, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychiatry

A Two-Part Pilot Study of Dosing, Safety and Efficacy of Varenicline Initiated during an Acute Smoke-free Hospitalization and Continued Post-Hospitalization

The two-part pilot study of this investigator initiated research award aims to examine acceptability and feasibility of varenicline use during an acute smoke-free hospitalization (Part I) and 4-weeks post-hospitalization (Part II). 

Jodi Prochaska, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychiatry