Call for Pilot Study Application


The San Francisco Treatment Research Center (TRC) in the Department of Psychiatry has funds available to support pilot research that has relevance to the field of substance abuse. Up to $10,000 will be awarded for each study receiving approval from the TRC directors. Pilot studies are to be completed within 12 months. It is expected that research results will facilitate publishable manuscripts and support grant applications. Funding is limited to UCSF post-doctoral trainees. Interested investigators should complete the application packet and submit it electronically to Janice Tsoh, Ph.D., at (telephone 415-502-8438). Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Applicants should e-mail or call to confirm receipt of the application.

Before submitting their proposals, applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their proposals with either Dr. Janice Tsoh, Co-Leader of the TRC Pilot Study Program or Dr. James Sorensen, Leader of the TRC Pilot Study Program and Co-Director of the TRC.

TRC Pilot Study Application-Version 2014-10-1.doc